When I was younger (school age) there was rarely a day that I was not sick with either the flue, strep throat, or scarlet fever. My glands were constantly swollen, and school became very difficult, as I was always feeling so badly, and I could not remember anything… ever. As I got older, I got… Read more “”

Christy Anderson

It is with the greatest of pleasure that I write this testimonial for Mauree Kai. I was introduced to Mauree about three years ago. My daughter, Deena, who at the time was only six years old had battled stomach and digestive issues her entire life. From the time she was an infant until she was… Read more “”

Bonnie Pappas

At 53 years old I was a healthy, active woman who was starting to develop problems with an over active bladder, increasing hot flashes and night sweats and ever present pain in my hands from arthritis. After two years of seeing doctors and taking a variety of medications I was disappointed that I had had… Read more “”

Shelley VanClief

My name is Blaise DeSesa, and I have been a client of Mauree Kai for several years. I have a long standing history of allergies – both airborn and food, hypertension, kidney stones, and glandular imbalances. Four years ago I suffered an aortic dissection and required open heart surgery. My doctors have placed me on… Read more “”

Blaise DeSesa

I first met Mauree in 2004 about a month before I was getting married. Due to the stress of the wedding, I found myself anxious, depressed and unable to perform basic tasks. I was also dealing with food allergies and digestive issues. I was feeling absolutely terrible. I decided to fly home to Pennsylvania to… Read more “”

Jennifer C. Wells

Before going to see Mauree Kai, I was not myself. I was in a constant fog, I was not thinking clearly, I had no energy, and I was just all around depleted. During my session, Mauree educated me about my lifestyle; everything from my habits, to routines, to diet, and exercise, and gave me wonderful… Read more “”


After struggling all my life to find answers, I found Mauree. Life-long problems have been systematically discovered and addressed. I had a dramatic, life changing result after just my first visit which has helped me persevere through the struggle to find corrective answers to other long standing problems. Though the results have not always been… Read more “”


I have worked with Mauree Kai for the last 9 years supplying her practice and clients with nutritional supplements. Mauree is a very dedicated healthcare practitioner using many different modalities that work very well with her clients. From what I have heard from Mauree’s clients when they call in to reorder their supplements, Mauree has… Read more “”

Peggy Gower

I have systemic lupus, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and recently developed a liposarcoma. I have found great value in the type of natural healing that Mauree Kai offers. It has greatly helped my over all health, and has eliminated many of my allergies which I have suffered with for years. Mauree is an outstanding, caring healer… Read more “”

Mary-Jo Myers

My son had been diagnosed with ADHD and was prescribed Ritalin LA to “fix” his ADHD. The first dose of the drug changed my happy bouncing boy into a quiet, sad eyed zombie! I knew I HAD to get him off Ritalin. A reliable family member suggested I take him to Mauree to try her… Read more “”

C and A

Since meeting Mauree through our daughter-in-law in 2003, we were immediately impressed with her vast knowledge of the human body and her caring, holistic approach to optimum health using homeopathic remedies and nutrition instead of pharmaceuticals that are widely used in main stream medicine. We have experienced great success with these treatments. She always gives… Read more “”

Frank and Andrea Carman

Once we got a diagnosis of Asbergers and ADHD from 3 different professionals. We decided we wanted to treat the issues with an all natural approach. Mauree understood our concerns and agreed that pharmaceuticals were a last resort. Once we started the treatment we were amazed at the results. Its not an exact science and… Read more “”

Pam and Mark Rittwage