Natural Healing for Animals


Do you think natural, holistic healing is for the dogs? If you believe that, you are right! It is for cats, dogs, and other beloved pets. Many common health challenges such as itching, indigestion, fleas, nervousness, and car sickness, can be addressed naturally, avoiding harsh side effects and sometimes costly allopathic treatments. Holistic healing takes into consideration all aspects of an animal with love and respect for their unique nature.

Through hair analysis, many common stressors in the body can be identified and eliminated with the right combination of botanical and homeopathic remedies. Many animals suffer from chronic allergies expressing as itching, ear infections, skin conditions, digestive disorders, lethargy, and more. Many of the offending allergens can be identified and eliminated as well, homeopathy and flower essences can be extremely helpful in alleviating most emotional and behavioral problems.

The pathway of natural healing supports the body’s innate wisdom to repair and heal from almost anything. It is non-invasive and compliments traditional therapies. Why give your beloved pet anything less?


I would be happy to work together with you and your vet if you are struggling with a chronic problem with your pet.

  • Bring in a hair sample from your pet’s hair brush for analysis.
  • Learn how to strengthen your pet’s health through nutrition and education.
  • Learn why digestive enzymes and essential fatty acids are so important in your pet’s diet.
  • Discover natural applications for common insect pests.
  • Understand how and when to use homeopathic remedies for minor conditions.

Learn more about natural healing for you pet. Contact me for an appointment.

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