Allergy Elimination

A 3-Part System to Detoxify and Clear the Body of Chronic Health Challenges

  • Do you suffer from food and environmental allergies?
  • Are you tired of taking over the counter medicines to manage your symptoms?
  • Is your digestion causing you discomfort or pain?
  • Have chronic symptoms become your way of life?

Are you ready to do what it takes to feel better and strengthen your overall health?

There is a healing system that can clear the body of chronic health challenges underlying most allergies. BioSET® (Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy) is a modern healing paradigm that combines the ancient science of acupuncture with 21st century electromagnetic technology to clear food, chemical, and environmental sensitivities.

What is BioSET®?

BioSET®is a three part system composed of organ-specific detoxification, enzyme therapy, and desensitization.

  • Organ-specific detoxification: Stimulates the release of accumulated toxins from organs and tissues and promotes elimination from the body with the support of homeopathics.
  • Enzyme therapy: Facilitates good digestion, corrects nutritional deficiencies, and other systemic imbalances through the use of vegetarian enzyme supplements.
  • Sensitivity desensitization: Bioenergetic evaluation of organ stress followed by the elimination of allergic responses and sensitivities through a revolutionary, noninvasive technique based on acupressure meridians and immunology.

How is an allergy eliminated?

Using BioSET® protocols, specific acupressure points are stimulated via the nervous system along the spine. This is called a “clearing”. After a clearing is complete, the physical symptoms associated with the sensitivity will be reduced or resolved, often permanently.

What you can expect from receiving BioSET®

  • Stronger digestion and better absorption of nutrition from food.
  • Balanced immune system
  • Relief from allergy symptoms
  • Less infections
  • Improvement in physical and emotional well being
  • Resolution of chronic health challenges

I can help you. You do not need to suffer any more. Contact me for an appointment.