Cracking Your Body’s Code

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Do you know the difference between “curing” and “healing”? Have you considered how much power your thoughts and emotions have over your entire well-being? Would you like to gain access to your health’s matrix and crack the code on your body’s needs in order to thrive in life?

Then get out your mental, spiritual, and physical toolbox, and get ready to make positive changes. This thought-provoking guide will lead you through a new healing paradigm that supports the body’s innate ability to restore and recover. The practical tools inside these pages empower you to take control of your health and lead a more vibrant existence.

Cracking Your Body’s CodeLearn to look at physical symptoms as a form of communication between your spirit and body. Discover and cultivate your mind’s powerful abilities and apply them to a healing process through positive attitudes and emotions. Find out how to become aware of your self-image and how it impacts your health.

The goal is not to change who you are but how you are. The result is an expanded awareness and fuller understanding that you are a spiritual being having a human experience, and that healing means restoring wholeness to the body, mind, and spirit.

From the Back Cover

Your body is a highly sophisticated machine that operates with a unique code. When something is out of alignment, or needs repair, the only way for you to know is to feel the symptom of that problem. Maybe it’s a persistent headache, nausea, fatigue, or any number of indicators we call sickness and discomfort. The truth is, these signals shouldn’t be suppressed with medication but explored and listened to on a deep level, in an effort to get to their root causes.

Awaken to the reality that you are first and foremost a spiritual being having a human experience with a physical body; and then join author, speaker, holistic health coach, and bioenergetics practitioner Mauree Kai in her healing paradigm shift that honors the physical body and uses symptoms to crack the code for reclaiming greater health and well-being.

Harness the power of your mind, engage your spirit, and transform your life!

Additional Info

Cracking Your Body’s Code expands your awareness of what is possible in healing and gives you practical tools to reclaim your health and well being from the inside out.

  • Understand the language of symptoms and how to work with them.
  • Discover the obstacles that interfere with your body’s innate healing process.
  • Learn how to harness the power of your mind to heal yourself.
  • Become familiar with master keys that unlock the healing power within.
  • Increase your awareness of the body, mind, spirit connection and how it impacts your health.

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