Crystal Bed Healing

Crystal Bed Healing (Also known as Crystal Therapy Baths) is a unique healing system that uses an array of specially cut and lighted quartz crystals. An individual receiving a crystal bed healing session rests face up with their eyes closed, bathing in the light energy of the crystals. Seven quartz crystals are strategically positioned over the Chakra centers at a level approximately 12 inches above the body. The colored lights emanating from the crystals correspond to the seven major Chakras, which are energy centers that spin energy through our energetic bodies. Light and color shine through each crystal in an alternating, pulsing pattern, creating a spiraling amplification of vital energy from the root to the crown Chakras.

crystal-bed-1Chakras are energy centers of the body that are aligned in an ascending center column from the base of the spine to the top of the head and above. The Chakras spin and draw in life force energy (Prana/Chi/Ki) to keep our physical and subtle energy bodies in balance.

Crystals are capable of transmitting, storing, and modulating energy. A crystal is, therefore, a tool for using light and energy in specific ways. Crystal bed healing has an inter-dimensional effect and the vibrational patterns transmitted assist in manifesting higher and higher levels of awareness, harmony, and peace. The health-giving effects of crystal therapy result from the vibration of the crystals resonating with the water in our tissues and cells.