Obstacles to Healing

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Every day our bodies are replacing cells, eliminating toxins, and producing energy for us to participate in the human experience of living. If we get a cut, the body forms a scab to protect the exposed tissue beneath and then grows new skin to heal the injury. Our bodies know how to take in oxygen from the air we breathe, convert food e eat into energy, and eliminate waste matter.  The body knows perfectly how to heal given the right support. That “right” support will be different for everyone. For some people support is found in allopathic medicine. For others, it is found in alternative and natural healing modalities. Still others will get the needed support from ingesting certain foods and herbs.

So, if our bodies are so good at healing from the inside out, why all the chronic health problems facing us today? With all the possible resources available, why are people dying from heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, respiratory conditions, and more? There are times when the support needed most is missing and the body does the best it can with whatever it is being challenged with. If a symptom goes unresolved, it can evolve into a chronic health condition that eventually compromises one’s sense of well-being and vitality.

There are obstacles that can get in the way of the body’s innate ability to heal. Accumulated toxins from water, air, and food are a huge problem as they compromise the body’s internal detoxification organs. Insufficient water intake and a poor diet will also create obstacles. What we take into our bodies becomes the raw material our bodies use for creating and repairing cells. The physical body needs wholesome foods to produce energy, create healthy cells, and keep the immune system strong.

These are not the only obstacles to healing however. The biggest obstacles sometimes can come from our own minds. Holding on to negative emotions and limiting core beliefs can affect the body’s ability to heal and regenerate. There is a saying, “As we think, so we create.” Studies have been done on how our thoughts, words, and emotions impact our health.

Another obstacle to healing is the fear of change. Change means surrendering to the unknown and stepping more fully into our power. Personal power is necessary to sustain health and wellness. Personal power is the mediator between our inner and outer worlds. An external concept of power without an internal sense of power leaves us open and vulnerable to health issues. We are not helpless beings in the face of health challenges, rather quite the contrary. Every health challenge presents an opportunity to transform a part of ourselves into something bigger and better.

All of these obstacles have a common denominator – the lack of self-care and self-love. Self care and self love are necessary ingredients to creating and sustaining health and well-being. If you are dealing with a health challenge, ask yourself, what can you do to truly nurture yourself? Do you value where you invest your time and energy or do you freely give it away to everyone else. What image do you hold of yourself in your mind? When you look in the mirror, how do you see yourself? If self-care is a challenge for you or you would like support with some aspect of healing, feel free to contact me. I will give you the support you need and be your health coach and guide along your journey.



What You Can’t Digest, Will Infest

Digestive System






There is a belief that you are what you eat. That is partially true as the food taken into the body becomes the raw ingredients the body uses to create new cells. If you eat junk food or foods that are primarily nothing but empty calories, your new cells will then be created from substances that are not nourishing to the body nor will they provide for all of the body’s daily nutritional requirements.

The real truth is you become what you can properly digest and utilize for energy production, cellular regeneration, and overall health. Our bodies need living, wholesome foods to provide nutrients and vitality to the cells so they in turn can function optimally. Healthy cells cannot be created from processed, chemically laden fast food. A strong immune system will never be maintained from a diet high in sugars and simple carbohydrates nor will you experience consistent levels of energy if you consume products made in a factory from artificial ingredients.

So many people today suffer from poor digestion. Symptoms of heartburn, gas, constipation, and reflux have become so common that they are accepted as “normal.” In reality, they are anything but normal. In this country, billions of dollars are being spent on prescription and over-the-counter drugs to suppress digestive discomfort. Antacids are sold like candy. Nexium has been made available over-the-counter after being a prescription-only drug for many years. While drugs may give some relief, they do not resolve the underlying core cause of the original problem and often times will cause other problems in the body if taken on a regular, long-term basis.

The consequences of poor digestion affect the entire body. Some of the most common conditions resulting from poor digestion include constipation, obesity, diabetes, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, toxicity, Candida, low pH, heartburn, fluid retention, chronic infections, weakened immune system, premature aging, chronic fatigue, depression, gas and bloating, mood swings, skin problems, and poor memory and concentration. Is this the path you want to take with your health and your life?

Whatever the presenting physical condition or symptom is, it is the body’s way of communicating about a core imbalance. If you suffer from digestive issues, your body is trying to tell you something. How do you respond? Do you want to suppress the symptom or are you interested in getting to the bottom of the problem? So many people accept digestive distress as a way of life, never looking deeper into the “why is it happening.”

A strong, healthy digestive system is a major key to maintaining a strong, healthy body. A good starting point is to take a look at what you are eating. The foods you are consuming may not be supportive to your health or digestive tract. There is a saying that goes something like this: “If it is made in a plant do not eat it. If it is grown on a plant, then it is good to eat.” This simple rule of thumb could save you a lot of suffering. The more natural and wholesome your foods are, the healthier they are for you. Convenient, processed, fast foods are just that, nothing more. They will never give you the proper nutrients your body deserves nor will your body properly digest them. Is your diet heavy in animal products and dairy? Are you eating foods that have more than 5 ingredients listed on the label? Do you take a probiotic every day to maintain healthy gut flora? Are you ingesting a lot of sugar that is feeding harmful bacteria and other microorganisms in your gut? It is never too late to change your diet and heal your digestion, no matter how long you have been suffering. Are you tired of struggling with digestive issues and are you ready to make a change? Would you like steadfast support to help you reach your health goals? Feel free to contact me and discover how I can help you improve your digestion and strengthen your health naturally.

Are You Healthy?


A state of health is more than the absence of disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of infirmity or disease.” Being in a state of health is more than a perceived condition of the physical body. We make choices every day that either contribute to our health and well-being or diminish it. As we learn to recognize the interconnectedness of our body, mind, and spirit, we learn to make better choices that will promote and maintain our sense of well-being. These choices in turn will reflect in our overall state of health.

The food we eat plays a role in our physical health as it is the substance from which cells are made. That is just the beginning. Food is no more important than the thoughts we think, the beliefs we hold in our minds, and the daily activities that we participate in. How we care for ourselves, choose the people we associate with, and engage in certain activities all contribute to our state of health. Good health is not something that happens only to certain people. It is the product of conscious, deliberate choices we make on a personal level every hour of every day of our lives.

Here are some common traits associated with optimal health. Ask yourself if you share many of these qualities of good health.

  • You have a feeling of energy available to you throughout the day.
  • Sleep comes easily and you sleep soundly until morning.
  • You feel refreshed and re-energized when you wake up in the morning.
  • Digestion is comfortable.
  • You can eat a variety of wholesome foods.
  • Elimination occurs one to three times a day with ease.
  • Urination happens every few hours.
  • Hair has a natural shine to it.
  • Nails are strong.
  • The mind is clear and alert.
  • Illness is a rare event.
  • The body is toned and flexible.
  • Eyes are clear.
  • Emotions are stable.
  • Joy and laughter are experienced daily.
  • Relationships are supportive, enjoyable, and fulfilling.
  • There is a feeling of gratitude for life.
  • A wide range of activities can be enjoyed.
  • A comfortable weight is maintained.

If you share many of these qualities of good health – keep up the good work! If you feel you could be better, there are simple steps you can take to regain control of your health and restore a sense of well-being in your life. I am here to help you whether it is to strengthen digestion, lose weight, improve your sleep pattern, increase your energy level, change limiting beliefs, and establish healthier habits that bring balance and vitality back into your life. The body has an amazing capacity to heal when given the right support. As a health coach, I am here to help you live a healthy, balanced, energized and passionate life. If you are ready for a change, contact me.



Are Extra Pounds Weighing You Down?

weight lossAre extra pounds weighing you down? Have you tried dieting and deprivation with little success? Weigh loss is not about dieting. There are many “diets” out there that proclaim you will lose weight if you follow the program. Eat this, don’t eat that, eliminate these foods, buy these prepared meals, and so on. You have probably tried a few of them already and either didn’t lose any weight or you lost weight only to put it back on and then some. You are feeling frustrated and discouraged because you have tried everything including deprivation but you haven’t achieved the lasting results you long for. I want you to know it is not your fault.

Stubborn weight loss occurs when something in the body is out of balance. Your body is doing what it is designed to do. The key to lasting weight loss is identifying why your body is holding onto excess weight after all your efforts to lose it. There is no magic pill or quick fix. Even a drastic surgery does not resolve the underlying core cause of weight-loss resistance.

To lose weight effectively and permanently it is necessary to understand the underlying causative factors that contribute to weight gain in the first place. These issues need to be addressed and corrected if they are an issue for you. Weight loss will be the result of bringing your body and your metabolism back into balance. You will know you have resolved the problem because weight will come off easily and naturally.

Major causative factors why you may not be losing weight: toxins, food allergies, gut problems, adrenal problems, Thyroid function, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, leptin resistance, nutritional deficiencies, stress, eating disorders, and emotional issues.

You only need one or two of these factors to interfere with the body’s natural ability to lose weight. The challenge is to identify which ones are specifically affecting you. The core cause will vary from person to person depending on lifestyle, diet, and other circumstances. An integrative or holistic approach can help you discover and resolve what is interfering with your body’s ability to lose weight.

Understand your body is complex in design and every function is connected in some manner to everything else internally. There is an innate intelligence within your body that communicates to you every second of the day. It is your job to decipher its messages. Honoring the wisdom of your body and looking for underlying causes of weight–loss resistance will serve you better than any diet program you might try. Above all, love and accept yourself unconditionally. You are made up of so much more than few extra pounds!

Superfoods Create Better Moods

Let’s face it, we are what we eat. Statistics show the standard American diet (S.A.D.) is not serving us well. The proof is in the rising tide of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and obesity – as well as the increasingly common complaints of fatigue, weight-loss resistance, fibromyalgia, inflammatory conditions, depression, and more. We have an option. We can either succumb to the disease process that results from the S.A.D. or we can start making better choices about what we put into our bodies for energy and sustenance. The one thing we have total control over is what we eat and drink. Just because we had developed certain eating patterns from our past, it doesn’t mean we have to continue down the same road if it is not serving our health and well being.
There is a growing trend of interest being shown in superfoods. From tiny chia seeds to nuts, from bee products to goji berries, from cacao to maca powder, we are discovering new sources of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Superfoods are not only low in calories and rich in many nutrients, but they are also showing a remarkable capacity to heal and restore the human body. They are a class of the most potent, super-concentrated, and nutrient-rich foods available. Superfoods contain more antioxidants, essential fatty acids, important vitamins and minerals, along with pytochemicals and other components scientists are still discovering. They are classified as a food and a medicine, as they contain elements of both.

The size of a fruit or vegetable does not determine the quality of its nutritional components, especially with the advent of GMO’s. Produce can look large and juicy but that doesn’t mean it is nutrient dense. It usually means it just contains more calories in the dry matter. Superfoods on the other hand, are lower in calories and higher in micronutrients. They are a class of foods that contain many nutritional components in a small amount of food that our body’s uses to produce hormones, energy, and other substances vital to our health and well being. Superfoods have the ability to: tremendously increase the vital force and energy of one’s body, strengthen the immune system, elevate serotonin production, and alkalize the body.

Your body tells you after you eat how well it feels with the food ingested. Are you sluggish and tired, do have heartburn or indigestion, are you constipated or have bouts of diarrhea, are you sneezing or getting itchy eyes? Eating foods that are low in calories and high in nutrition will leave you feeling better after you eat because they are whole foods that are grown in the earth and supply the body with the proper nutrients it needs. Not only will your body feel better but your mood will most likely feel lighter too. Eating superfoods increase your protection against diseases that are linked to poor dietary habits. People who incorporate superfoods into their diet have more energy, better mental focus,stronger immune systems, and less mood swings.

It is really simple to start adding superfoods into your diet.

  1. Start with breakfast. Make protein shakes with superfoods. Add powders like cacao, mesquite, and maca for an added boost.
  2. Learn how to make desserts with superfoods. These types of desserts are sugar free, gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free. This includes raw desserts which do not need to be baked.
  3. Make your own energy bars from nuts, seeds, and dates. Add dried goji berries and superfruits.
  4. Switch to coconut based products. Coconut oil, coconut water, coconut flesh, coconut flakes, coconut aminos, coconut milk, and coconut nectar.
  5. Add bee products such as honey, propolis, pollen, and royal jelly into your daily diet. You can add them to snacks, desserts, and smoothies.
  6. Be creative. Make superfood salad dressings!

Are You Ready for a Juice Fast?

JUICERVILLE - Juicerville Wants to Revolutionize the Way CanadaEvery day we are assaulted with toxins whether they are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, or the drugs we take. We even accumulate toxins from sluggish digestion and elimination systems in our own bodies. Our liver plays a major role in our internal detoxification process. It works non-stop at breaking down toxic substances, but it can become overloaded and thus not able to perform as efficiently. Accompanying symptoms might include feeling more sluggish than usual, poor digestion, and general malaise.

A juice fast is a simple yet powerful way to give the liver a chance to catch up on internal housecleaning along with giving our digestive system a rest. It is also possible to lose a few pounds during a juice fast as an added benefit! If you have never done a juice fast before, it is important to take it slowly. Make sure you have plenty of support and can take a break from daily stressors. If you have any major health challenges, it is important to get additional support from a health care professional. The time taken to do a juice fast should include other supportive practices to receive the maximum benefit of cleansing. Massage, steam baths, sauna, skin brushing, light exercise, deep breathing, and even castor oil packs will further promote the elimination of toxins.

A typical three day juice fast should include: fresh vegetable juices, broths, miso soup, herbal teas, and plenty of water with fresh lemon squeezed into it. Juicing is preferred over blending for a fast because when you are blending fruits and vegetables together, you are including the fiber. Fiber requires your digestion system to engage and digest it. When you drink juices and broths, the fiber has been removed so your digestive system gets a real break. Your body can then redirect its energy into supporting your liver and the detoxification process. You can tune up the medicinal benefits of your vegetable juice by adding small amounts of parsley, ginger, garlic, ginseng, spirulina, wheatgrass, or cayenne pepper.

Following a juice fast, it is important to reintroduce foods gradually, starting with simple steamed vegetables and brown rice. Then, over the course of a few days return to a full, whole foods diet. You will feel lighter, more energetic, and your liver will thank you.

Are You a Carbohydrate Addict?

CarbsWho doesn’t like carbs? Carbohydrates can be found everywhere and come in many forms. This includes vegetables, fruits, breads, crackers, bagels, chips, pretzels, cereals, popcorn, cookies, pasta, rice, legumes, nuts, whole grains, and seeds. We need to eat carbohydrates, as they are an important macro-nutrient along with proteins and fats, for energy production.

So, what seems to be the problem?

The first problem is that eating just one piece is never enough. Did you ever just eat one pretzel or one cookie? When people are addicted to carbohydrates, they have strong, frequent craving for foods like chips, pretzels, crackers, pasta, fruit juice, sweets, bread, donuts, and more. This leads to an over-consumption of carbs, causing blood sugar spikes. Blood sugar spikes lead to elevated insulin levels that can cause food to be converted into body fat. Eating excess carbohydrates will also leave you feeling less satiated, so you will continue to crave more carbs. It becomes a vicious cycle with no happy ending. Does this sound like you?

The problem doesn’t end with eating more carbs. You now have blood sugar issues that can cause you to feel sluggish, depressed, and anxious. You might also suffer from poor memory, lack of concentration, headaches, and mood swings. As your energy level plummets, you reach for snacks and other quick pick me ups that are loaded with carbs. Getting up in the morning is difficult. You hit the snooze button several times before your feet finally touch the floor. Your energy is really lagging by mid to late afternoon.

There are things you can do for yourself to get off this roller coaster of carbohydrate addiction:

  1. First, understand the difference between a simple carbohydrate and a complex carbohydrate. Decrease you consumption of simple carbohydrates like refined flours, alcohol, fruit juices, pasta, chips, etc.
  2. Limit your coffee intake.
  3. Add protein to all your meals, including breakfast and snacks.
  4. Eat three balanced meals and two small snacks everyday to keep your blood sugar level consistent.
  5. Increase your intake of vegetables including leafy greens into your diet. You can steam them, add them to soups and casseroles, make a smoothie. Add them to scrambled eggs, roast them, and juice them.
  6. Use a good vegetarian digestive enzyme with every meal to help breakdown your food and get as much nourishment from what you eat as possible.
  7. Exercise daily. Exercise helps improve metabolism and lightens the mood.
  8. Add omega 3 fatty acids, found in eggs, nuts, and seeds, to your diet.
  9. Add chromium and L-glutamine supplements to help ease your carb cravings.
  10. Manage stress in your life. There is nothing more detrimental to your health than emotional eating. When you are feeling stressed, the release of cortisol and adrenaline contributes to poor sugar management which leads to more carbohydrate cravings.

If you have tried all these suggestions and your cravings have not subsided, call me. You do not need to suffer endlessly. There are often underlying causes for carbohydrate cravings.

I work with people who crave sugar and carbohydrates. I help them by resolving the core causes of their cravings, increasing energy levels, and making dietary and lifestyle changes to restore health and vitality.

Are You Feeling S.A.D.?

Winter-Sunshine-GlowMany people’s moods are affected by the weather. A bright day full of sunshine can lift our spirits high while a cold, gray rainy day can leave us feeling gloomy. Some people are more sensitive than others to seasonal weather patterns. For them, the cold winter months bring on a type of depression called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” which can start in November and last until spring. Symptoms range from having the “winter blues” to a more severe depression that includes a loss of energy, a sense of hopelessness, social withdrawal, oversleeping, changes in appetite, and difficulty concentrating.

Possible Causes

It is thought that SAD is related to a chemical imbalance in the brain caused by a lack of light due to the shorter days of winter. Women are four times more likely to suffer seasonal changes in mood than men. Genetic imbalances, low light environments, and stress are three major keys known in the development of S.A.D. A toxic colon can also be a causal factor as 90% of serotonin is made in the gut.

  • Light Therapy which involves sitting in front of a light box every day.
  • Minimizing carbohydrate intake.
  • Improve gastrointestinal health with probiotics and fermented foods.
  • Follow a daily exercise, going outdoors when weather permits.
  • Eat high fiber foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits.
  • Add healthy fats to your diet such as avocados, coconut oil, olives, salmon.
  • Include Omega-3 rich foods like organic eggs, nuts, and seeds.
  • Take Vitamin D3 daily to support hormone and neurotransmitter function.
  • Plan regular activities into your schedule that bring you joy.
  • Watch a comedy. Laughter is still the best medicine.
  • Get additional nutritional and homeopathic support if you are still struggling.

Can Acid Reflux be Resolved?

cid reflux is huge problem and the third most expensive condition being treated medically. Acid blocking drugs are handed out like candy, over-the-counter and by prescription. Acid reflux can cause serious health problems but who is asking what is the root cause?

Nexium, Prevacid, and Prilosec are the third most prescribed drugs for this condition. Is that the best we can do for everyone who is suffering from constant, daily heartburn?

From a holistic healing perspective, we look at heartburn and acid reflux as symptoms and ask what is behind it? What is the body trying to communicate?What changes are needed to resolve it? Taking drugs only masks the symptoms in the long run and never gets to the root of the problem. For some people it is not always as complicated as one might think.

There are many common triggers that have the potential to cause some serious burning in the upper digestive tract. They include but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol
  • Spicy foods
  • Processed foods
  • Tomatoes and tomato-based foods
  • Citrus
  • Caffeine
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Fried foods
  • Soda pop
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Food allergies
  • H. Pylori and other bacteria overgrowth
  • Stress
  • Candida overgrowth
  • Poor food combining

Taking an acid blocker doesn’t correct the underlying cause. Actually it can make things worse over time. We are meant to secrete acid into the stomach to assist with digestion, especially protein. We also need acid for proper metabolism of certain vitamins and minerals. If you have been taking an acid blocker for many years, you may end up with a B12 or zinc deficiency which in turn leads to other health problems like depression, memory loss, neuropathy, increased digestive issues, and more.

There are several actions you can start taking on your own to identify what may be causing your acid reflux.

  1. The first step to healing is cleaning up your diet. Try removing the foods from the above list and see if you get any relief.
  2. Eliminate gluten and dairy also from your diet for a few weeks as they are difficult for many people to properly digest.
  3. Eat supper earlier in the evening so your body has enough time to digest the food you have eaten. Allow at least three hours between your last meal and bedtime.
  4. Eat smaller meals so there is less food in your stomach at one time. It is better to add some small snacks throughout the day instead of eating a huge meal in the evening.
  5. Take a digestive enzyme to support your digestion. For some people, acid reflux is caused by insufficient amount of digestive enzymes and acid to properly break down the food.
  6. Identify possible food allergens that are adding stress to your digestion.
  7. Take a few slow, deep breaths before you start to eat your meal. Relaxing your nervous system before you sit down to eat helps your body digest better.
  8. If you are secreting too little acid, taking raw apple cider vinegar helps with digestion. If you secrete too much acid, then taking aloe vera juice and/or deglycerized licorice before your meal helps to coat your stomach and support your digestion.
  9. Take a probiotic daily to establish a healthy inner ecosystem. Microbes can cause a lot of digestive stress and acid reflux.
  10. Learn how to alkalize your system with proper food combining and adding more plant-based foods to your diet.
  11. If you have done everything in this list with absolutely no improvement, then perhaps you may want to consider getting tested for food allergies, gluten sensitivity, and abnormal microbial activity in the gut like bacteria, yeast overgrowth, and parasites.

A healthy, balanced digestive system does not produce strong, uncomfortable symptoms. Symptoms are a means of communication from our body that requires interpretation, not suppression. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Make a decision to heal your acid reflux and your body will thank you with symptom free digestion and more pleasure when eating a variety of foods. If you need or want support in reversing acid reflux naturally, feel free to contact me.

Why Forgiveness Can Help You Heal

heart-in-handsHave you ever downed an entire package of chips, crackers, or cookies? Ate pizza or cake until you felt sick? Drank more coffee or wine than your body wanted?

Do you remember how you were feeling at the time?

I ask because sometimes we overeat to help distract us from emotional pain. Think about it – have you noticed that sometimes when you overeat you’re not hungry at all? What you are is lonely. Or angry. Or sad. Or resentful. Or frustrated. Or something else.

So what hurt are YOU holding on to?

Tap Into the Power of Forgiveness

Wouldn’t it be more effective to address your uncomfortable feelings? The best, most thorough, most divinely perfect way to do that is forgiveness.

Forgiving is not easy, even for the most enlightened among us. If you’ve been allowing your present health to be controlled by past hurts, I urge you to commit to forgiving. These steps can help:

  • Talk to sympathetic friends and family about your desire to forgive. Chatting with others is tremendously comforting.
  • Write a letter to the person you’d like to forgive. You can decide whether or not you send it.
  • See the situation from the other person’s perspective – your own perspective may change.
  • Don’t forget to forgive yourself. Sometimes we can be harshest with ourselves.
  • Understand that you are responsible for your own attitude. Don’t let holding a grudge keep you from feeling free, open, and powerful in your own life.

Forgive and watch how much easier your relationship with food and eating becomes.

In the book, The Twelve Steps of Forgiveness, by Paul Ferrini, he writes there are four axioms of forgiveness.

  1. Forgiveness starts in our own hearts.
  2. Forgiveness in not conditional.
  3. Forgiveness is an ongoing process. It continues in response to every judgment we make about ourselves and others.
  4. Whatever gesture of forgiveness you are able to do right now, know that it is enough.

Get Even Healthier!

Are you ready to live your healthiest life yet? Want to change your relationship to eating? Let’s talk! Schedule an initial complimentary consultation with me today – or pass this offer on to someone you care about!